About Us
Lakshmi Milk Point is the trademark of Aavin, a Tamil Nadu-based milk producer's union. Aavin procures milk, processes it and sells milk and milk products to consumers.

Product on Lakshmi Milk Point
The Lakshmi Milk Point sales a wide range of products, including milk, butter, yogurt, ice cream, ghee, milk shake, tea, coffee, and chocolate, among other goods.

Milk Products of Aavin

Aavin produces 4 varieties of milk

  • Toned milk (3% fat)
  • Doubled toned milk (1.5% fat)
  • Standardized Milk (4.5% fat)
  • Full Cream Milk (6% fat)

It is also engaged in the manufacture of milk products such as milk khoa, mysorepak, gulab jamun, curd, butter milk, lassi, yoghurt and ice-creams.